2 Screen Guard Matte IP5G/5S/5C New
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Posted 575 days ago

2 Screen Guard Matte IP5G/5S/5C New

Hi, I'm selling #2 Screen Guard Matte IP5G/5S/5C New#iphone# screen #iphone 5# ultra-clear & anti-reflection - against scratch dirt fingerprint & dust-Self-adhesive no bubble and reused- no cutting, easy use without any trace# grease&wear resistance ultra-clear&low reflection#iphone 5S #
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  • ummwalixummwalix I made new pictures and added more description
  • ummwalixummwalix Yes pls read description
  • waseemhumayo What are u selling is this screen protector?
  • ummwalixummwalix What is what?
  • waseemhumayo Please explain?
  • waseemhumayo What is this bro?
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