Samsung Galaxy S6 32gb Pearl White
Cruz_AngeloCruz_Angelo Cruz_AngeloCruz_Angelo
Posted 529 days ago

Samsung Galaxy S6 32gb Pearl White

Hi, I'm selling #Samsung Galaxy S6 32gb Pearl White (used.,in a good condition)
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Forhadahmed 800
  • Forhadahmed 800
  • Cruz_AngeloCruz_Angelo @sameer please pm ur number thanks
  • SameerMohammed any issues in phone?
  • wasikhan wait some times
  • AanHan made where ? and last price?
  • Cruz_AngeloCruz_Angelo Ok
  • wasikhan 850 I buy it
  • Cruz_AngeloCruz_Angelo Yes
  • mirza2006mirza2006 friend is it 100% original?
  • Cruz_AngeloCruz_Angelo Send me pm on watsapp 0529129733
  • Alkarims1786 make 800 i buy
  • Cruz_AngeloCruz_Angelo Okay
  • Alkarims1786 800 okay?
  • Cruz_AngeloCruz_Angelo With box,charger and headset
  • Alkarims1786 box and Accesires have?
  • Cruz_AngeloCruz_Angelo @hamady 😂. Really? Then why did you sent me private message asking me to sell it to you for 750dhs..😂that phone is from etisalat, im selling it coz i got my new mobile plan..bring ur 750 in satwa my friend maybe you can find something there..😂
  • hamady181hamady181 this phone is made in china i dont wont to buy it 👊🏽
  • Cruz_AngeloCruz_Angelo Hello official
  • OFFICIAL_ORRO_OUTLET hi this have any problum? box and accesires have?
  • Cruz_AngeloCruz_Angelo @ali sorry brother 700 cant do..800 last fixed price.
  • Cruz_AngeloCruz_Angelo @ali sorry brother 700 cant do
  • ali 700
  • Cruz_AngeloCruz_Angelo Interested or not.,wont make me edit the ads.thanks!
  • ArminAlibasic This is the info who everybody will ask so it should be part of your description in the ad. On private we can chat about price but this info should be for everybody
  • Cruz_AngeloCruz_Angelo @armin, please send me private mssage for further info..thanks
  • ArminAlibasic please write what comes with phone? any scratches on phone or back at camera?
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900 AED, delivery included