Touchmate 3G Tablet,1GB RAM,8 GB Memory,Dual Sim,7"Display
Hanamol1084 Hanamol1084
Posted 503 days ago

Touchmate 3G Tablet,1GB RAM,8 GB Memory,Dual Sim,7"Display

Hi, I'm selling #Touchmate 3G Tablet,1GB RAM,8 GB Memory,Dual Sim,7"Display
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • RajeshVemulawada I want last price 240
  • RajeshVemulawada sorry last price 220
  • Hanamol1084 270 last
  • RajeshVemulawada change the price plz
  • RajeshVemulawada ok
  • faraz8093faraz8093 Ok change ur price now i will buy from mellto
  • RajeshVemulawada last price 220
  • RajeshVemulawada yes
  • faraz8093faraz8093 This is box pack right
  • faraz8093faraz8093 No u make it 220 cos of mellto courior i will buy now
  • RajeshVemulawada give me last price 200
  • faraz8093faraz8093 185
  • RajeshVemulawada how much shop in original price
  • faraz8093faraz8093 I bought before from same place 227
  • RajeshVemulawada tell me brother how much last price plz.. rpl me
  • RajeshVemulawada I will buy now please
  • RajeshVemulawada my fnd give me 240
  • faraz8093faraz8093 Box pack or used
  • Hanamol1084 below 260 impossible
  • Ayub KhanAyub Khan 200 ok
  • Hanamol1084 touch
  • Ayub KhanAyub Khan Is that brand new / used
  • Hanamol1084 not possible..bcz the original price is 300 and I will get only 215 from melltoo
  • FpadiwalaPadiwala make it 225/= I want to buy
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270 AED, delivery included