Iphone 6 Gold 16gb
Sahil_KhanSahil_Khan Sahil_KhanSahil_Khan
Posted 485 days ago

Iphone 6 Gold 16gb

Hi, I'm selling #Iphone 6 Gold 16gb original bought from axiom . Wifi and fingerprint need to be fixed
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • ShahBaba Yes I give u cash
  • ShahBaba Yes but tell me no fold in mobile
  • Sahil_KhanSahil_Khan 800 cash
  • ShahBaba 800 u sell
  • Sahil_KhanSahil_Khan .
  • GjjDdf make it 500. Wifi n touchid cant be fixed
  • khokhar1khokhar1 Wifi cannot be fixed
  • Sahil_KhanSahil_Khan Thnx for the offer
  • FajaFaja No wifi no touch. 600
  • Hanamol1084 How old this?
  • SattarAsabuddin last price please
  • Sahil_KhanSahil_Khan This is last price
  • AjmeriAjmeri i fon 6 last price.
  • AjmeriAjmeri i fon 6 last price.
  • Sahil_KhanSahil_Khan No its finished already
  • ShiraghaFazelrabi doest have any warranty remain???
  • Sahil_KhanSahil_Khan Yes
  • ali wifi and finger print not working?
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989 AED, delivery included