iphone 4s .. with charger and s.protector
Khadija Khadija
Posted 481 days ago

iphone 4s .. with charger and s.protector

Hi, I'm selling #iphone 4s .. with charger and s.protector
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Khadija ؟
  • RizbinYour I
  • FajaFaja dear first give me my ilcloud id for ur iphone 4
  • JanishShafeer do anyone want iPhone 4S 64Gb black Like New,! Text me in private
  • Khadija I lost the warranty
  • Khadija I lost the warranty
  • VaishuViswa if u dont have warranty paper, thwn the phone s not under warranty
  • Khadija who want the phone please send us no on private because I can't replay I don't know why
  • Khadija newilyas
  • Khadija talk to me in private...
  • Khadija yes but I don't have warranty paper
  • Newilyas still in warranty
  • Newilyas make it 400
  • FajaFaja 400
  • Khadija 9 or 8 month
  • KishorAsa How long you use this phone???
  • Khadija no am sorry last 450
  • Dondeal 350
  • JanishShafeer do anyone need Galaxy S5 ?! for 520dhs?! come to my profile
  • Khadija it have it box and in a real good condition and also it have it charger and screen protector... if u wanna know anything else pls talk to me in private before u buy it and thank u
  • Khadija 16
  • Mankaraghu gb?
  • Khadija it's original
  • Mankaraghu is this original?
  • Lee's collections. Lee's collections. Original iPhone or copy ?
  • Khadija last price 450 sorry for that
  • FajaFaja 300
  • Khadija no have any problems
  • FajaFaja Any problem with mobile
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400 AED, delivery included