Samsung J-7 Prime Gifted Not Unused
guddakunar guddakunar
Posted 471 days ago

Samsung J-7 Prime Gifted Not Unused

Hi, I'm selling #Samsung J-7 Prime Gifted Not Unused
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • MAdil_Bilal why cancelled oder? tel me
  • guddakunar Okay
  • MAdil_Bilal i buy now
  • guddakunar Okay
  • MAdil_Bilal axiom warranty ok .not axiom warranty i returned ok
  • guddakunar Yes axiom warrenty
  • MAdil_Bilal axiom warranty ? tel me
  • guddakunar Okay gold colour
  • MAdil_Bilal sorry i want to gold colour.also axiom me
  • guddakunar Okay i will send black colour
  • MAdil_Bilal i want to black colour. tel me
  • guddakunar Yes boss seel pack axiom warrenty 1 year
  • MAdil_Bilal i want to sealed pack box with warranty axiom tel me i buy now
  • MAdil_Bilal hello i want to sealed pack box with warranty
  • guddakunar With one year warrenty
  • guddakunar Yes boss i will give you seel pack box pack
  • MAdil_Bilal hello
  • guddakunar 1040 with warrenty
  • MAdil_Bilal i buy now
  • MAdil_Bilal tel me .warranty.
  • guddakunar No with out warrenty u want warrenty axiom 1040/-
  • MAdil_Bilal warrantyaxiom?
  • guddakunar Yes its seel pack
  • MAdil_Bilal you have sealedpack box?
  • RAOQASIM tel me
  • RAOQASIM i want gold colur
  • RAOQASIM axiom warranty?
  • guddakunar Yes i will send seel pack and 1 year warrenty
  • RAOQASIM you sealed pack?
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1040 AED, delivery included