iPhone 4S 64GB Black
JanishShafeer JanishShafeer
Posted 464 days ago

iPhone 4S 64GB Black

Hi, I'm selling #iPhone 4S 64GB Black(Back Camera Not Working)(Prices Can Be Texted in Private)
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Prjconv hello r u ter bro. please accept the order now
  • Prjconv can u accept the order
  • Prjconv u change up ur mind very often?
  • Prjconv u offered me 365 n incresed it to 389 now. not fair bro
  • JanishShafeer perfect condition
  • Namith how is the battery life?
  • FajaFaja 250 cos u already give me one wrong mobile without icloud
  • wacymwacym 350
  • Mukesh kumar jat 400
  • JanishShafeer perfect
  • MAdil_Bilal working is good?
  • JanishShafeer 430?!
  • Mukesh kumar jat no only 400
  • JanishShafeer make*
  • JanishShafeer I cn it 450?!
  • JanishShafeer please come in Chat If U want to discuss abt price
  • Mukesh kumar jat 400
  • JanishShafeer thn 200 is too lesss mahn..U cn get Nokia for 200
  • Atef too much 500 man
  • JanishShafeer people are selling 16gb for 400+
  • JanishShafeer its 64gb
  • Atef 200 aed today ?
  • JanishShafeer Prices Can Be Negotiated
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365 AED, delivery included