2 PC original apple earpods
m.irfan.azam@gmail.com m.irfan.azam@gmail.com
Posted 460 days ago

2 PC original apple earpods

No returns accepted if original pack is opened
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • VaishuViswa sure
  • m.irfan.azam@gmail.com Vaishu pls wait for few days i will have new stock
  • VaishuViswa i need 2 pcs pls
  • m.irfan.azam@gmail.com if u need 2 more than i will need to check my stock then i will post another
  • m.irfan.azam@gmail.com viswa posting is online if y need buy it people are asking for this now
  • ViswaNathan how much is 4 pieces?
  • m.irfan.azam@gmail.com new will be available soon once approved by melltoo
  • ViswaNathan I can't see ur add.. its already sold
  • m.irfan.azam@gmail.com i hv posted it. before u buy have a look at pics. these are new sealed but box has marks
  • ViswaNathan please post the add and let me know I l buy
  • m.irfan.azam@gmail.com ok. you can have 4 pcs. these are all new sealed and original. but their boxes have marks due to bulk packaging and shipping. you can see this in pics.
  • ViswaNathan not sure on the other one. I need 4 pieces pls reply
  • m.irfan.azam@gmail.com i hv 2 viswa here 😊 is this same guy or different?
  • m.irfan.azam@gmail.com yes these are available i will list shortly
  • ViswaNathan still available?
  • VaishuViswa hello. can I get 2 pcs
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110 AED, delivery included