5 pc original samsung J5
m.irfan.azam@gmail.com m.irfan.azam@gmail.com
Posted 457 days ago

5 pc original samsung J5

Hi, I'm selling #5 pc original samsung J5
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • m.irfan.azam@gmail.com for this model i cannot offer less than 65
  • ashhadashhad ??
  • ashhadashhad is 60 ok
  • ashhadashhad can u do it 60*
  • ashhadashhad can u it 60
  • m.irfan.azam@gmail.com you can see model number in pics u can check on google it is latest or not
  • ashhadashhad is it of the latest model or the old model
  • ashhadashhad wat is jb
  • ashhadashhad private message
  • m.irfan.azam@gmail.com for J5 this is last i can offer it includes melltoo fee and shipping also
  • m.irfan.azam@gmail.com i hv J5 and JB
  • ashhadashhad can u decreas the price
  • ashhadashhad hey do u have the latest model
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65 AED, delivery included