Iphone 6 Plus Gold
Prjconv Prjconv
Posted 456 days ago

Iphone 6 Plus Gold

Hi, I'm selling #Iphone 6 Plus Gold. The unit is very good working with no dents. Comes with full set
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • AndhycathyGonzalesdimaano i pay already my friend please chnge it ahh thanks
  • AndhycathyGonzalesdimaano already chnge?
  • AndhycathyGonzalesdimaano send me msg in private
  • Prjconv Yes i can do that
  • Prjconv Message me in private
  • AndhycathyGonzalesdimaano i buy that but can u change the glass protector
  • Prjconv All included
  • Johnybravo what about boxx
  • AndhycathyGonzalesdimaano its original
  • AndhycathyGonzalesdimaano ok sure no issues ok
  • Prjconv No scratches on real glass
  • AndhycathyGonzalesdimaano means scratch on real glass
  • Prjconv No
  • AndhycathyGonzalesdimaano no have warranty?
  • Prjconv Already told u minor scratches. Had glass protector but not now
  • AndhycathyGonzalesdimaano scratch?no glass protector??
  • Prjconv No issues.. more than 1 year. Slight scratches
  • AndhycathyGonzalesdimaano how many months used
  • AndhycathyGonzalesdimaano no scratch or crack
  • AndhycathyGonzalesdimaano no any problem??
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1500 AED, delivery included