Wirelss Bluetooth Headphone Level U Blue
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Posted 450 days ago

Wirelss Bluetooth Headphone Level U Blue

Hi, I'm selling #Wirelss Bluetooth Headphone Level U Blue
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • ShoppingStoreShoppingStore Last 170
  • MohammedAyad make it 150 i will take it
  • ShoppingStoreShoppingStore New pcs
  • MohammedAyad new or used
  • ShoppingStoreShoppingStore Its orginal samsung
  • MohammedAyad hello it orignal from samsung
  • ShoppingStoreShoppingStore Yes but frm far it look blk but actual dark blue
  • ariff.jr dark blue. ??
  • ShoppingStoreShoppingStore Not blue nd not blk
  • ShoppingStoreShoppingStore Its bluish
  • ariff.jr what is the color in the image ?? is it black ??
  • ShoppingStoreShoppingStore Hello
  • ariff.jr hi no gold color available ??
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175 AED, delivery included