Iphone 6 (white)
nkkmnsdnkkmnsd nkkmnsdnkkmnsd
Posted 439 days ago

Iphone 6 (white)

Hi, I'm selling #Iphone 6 (white) 16gb -
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • AhmedHamdy used or used
  • PxGhani Last price?
  • Yza fajardoYza fajardo Last price
  • RahoofGym I want 16 gb u have
  • basalasal box n accessories
  • nkkmnsdnkkmnsd 16gb.
  • javed ok 900 i buy
  • javed no have 64gb
  • nkkmnsdnkkmnsd Hi, lady owned, very good condition and no scratches.
  • maillmaill Mobile is ok no have any fault
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1130 AED, delivery included