Samsung A5 Used Fully Working
memon.mobilePrince_Memon memon.mobilePrince_Memon
Posted 431 days ago

Samsung A5 Used Fully Working

Hi, I'm selling #Samsung A5 Used Fully Working no any scratches very good quality note only mobile available not any accessories
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • memon.mobilePrince_Memon i give u location on whatsapp
  • memon.mobilePrince_Memon come on whatsapp
  • Mjmeju Just give me ur full details, will come n collect as per our conversation below
  • Mjmeju Sorry dear... I replied late I will collect from you just keep it with you ok
  • memon.mobilePrince_Memon follow me i have another ads from thia mobile
  • memon.mobilePrince_Memon sorry guys its not sold it was by mistakely bought from mental guy
  • memon.mobilePrince_Memon but if you want in melltoo then 600
  • memon.mobilePrince_Memon u can come deira i will give you 550
  • memon.mobilePrince_Memon if you want to 550 then collect from me out side
  • memon.mobilePrince_Memon 2gb ram with 16 gb memory
  • memon.mobilePrince_Memon may be 6 month use but no any fault or not any scratches its like new
  • memon.mobilePrince_Memon sorry mem 600 last price
  • Mjmeju pls make the price 550, I will buy.
  • Mjmeju How many months are used this.
  • memon.mobilePrince_Memon and no any fault
  • memon.mobilePrince_Memon yes sure no any scratches
  • Mjmeju without any scratches
  • memon.mobilePrince_Memon its fully original
  • memon.mobilePrince_Memon .
  • memon.mobilePrince_Memon ..
  • memon.mobilePrince_Memon .
  • memon.mobilePrince_Memon .
  • memon.mobilePrince_Memon best price
  • memon.mobilePrince_Memon mem for you last 600
  • Mjmeju Can you make it 550 plssssssss
  • memon.mobilePrince_Memon .
  • memon.mobilePrince_Memon with golden flip cover free
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620 AED, delivery included