iphone 6 64gb grey
pssateesh097pssateesh097 pssateesh097pssateesh097
Posted 421 days ago

iphone 6 64gb grey

Hi, I'm selling #iphone 6 64gb grey used in good condition , no complain or problems
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • PxGhani 800?
  • Abu adilAbu adil Ok thanks
  • pssateesh097pssateesh097 no ,sorry
  • Abu adilAbu adil If u will give this 1000 i will take from meltoo
  • pssateesh097pssateesh097 only phone
  • Abu adilAbu adil Its with box nd accessories
  • pssateesh097pssateesh097 if you want collect by hand ill give you , meltoo not possible this price
  • Abu adilAbu adil Give for 1100 i will buy now it self
  • Sadiqmon With alla accessories ???
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1300 AED, delivery included