IPHONE 5s. Gold Color 32GB
bestway bestway
Posted 343 days ago

IPHONE 5s. Gold Color 32GB

Hi, I'm selling #IPHONE 5s. Gold Color 32GB new with complete box
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • adila0562104964 I buy now pls put ad
  • adila0562104964 Pls inform 0562104964 here and 620 pls
  • adila0562104964 Plz inform me after put add
  • adila0562104964 After this i huy direct آِّن شـِّآءّآللّـہَ if i need
  • adila0562104964 I need in meltoo bcoz my son has free credit so we want. To buy from meltoo u put pls i buy but not now kn morning
  • bestway Just one day. You can receive mobile
  • bestway Not meltho
  • bestway Free delivery. 550 AED
  • bestway But if you like I than I sending you cash to cash.
  • bestway I have 5 s32 GB
  • adila0562104964 Hi adila here i need one5s 32 gb 0562104964 plz infirm me
  • SunniAwab Hello ser
  • SunniAwab not showing your mobile?
  • bestway Ye Sunni pro
  • SunniAwab Hello ser give me ples Ripley?
  • SunniAwab Hello ser give me plles really?
  • SunniAwab this mobail sem price ok
  • bestway Ok
  • SunniAwab Hello ser see the your mobail I am new bay.
  • SunniAwab Hello ser
  • bestway Ok
  • SunniAwab Hello ser not showing your mobile ?
  • SunniAwab this my whatsapp no
  • SunniAwab 0508415837
  • SunniAwab hell ser
  • bestway No wait I make cancel
  • SunniAwab Hello ser oder is no central ?
  • SunniAwab ok sar
  • SunniAwab ok
  • bestway I posted iphone
  • bestway Now you accept ok
  • SunniAwab ok
  • bestway Sunni sir I make Cancel your Oder. Again you book than you can get 3days
  • SunniAwab Hello ser
  • SunniAwab Hello ser melltoo dilevry man coll received?
  • bestway I know still courier didn't come I don't know what Meltho's doing
  • SunniAwab ser my mobail is not come
  • bestway Hi
  • SunniAwab Hello ser
  • bestway Already I call courier
  • SunniAwab Hello ser today send my mobile?
  • SunniAwab inshallah
  • SunniAwab ok sar
  • bestway Dear. After eid. I we'll send you ok.
  • SunniAwab so how meni days after cam
  • SunniAwab ok sar
  • bestway After you give Oder to me I already delivered. To buyer only your mobile still wating long time I am sory
  • bestway I am also wating. Courier that courier persons is not good
  • bestway I am SORY dear
  • SunniAwab Hello ser my mobail how meni day's caming
  • abdultawab hi
  • basalasal is available so I buy it please make a option
  • basalasal ok
  • Mankaraghu original?
  • Faraz737Faraz737 580
  • AsifAdeena make is 550. i will buy
  • HafizAsad lock or unlock
  • SunniAwab 0508415837
  • SunniAwab ok
  • SunniAwab boos give me last 630.DHS
  • Aitalama Reduce price..?
  • SunniAwab give me 600.dhs
  • muhammed911 last price??
  • muhammed911 new???
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650 AED, delivery included