Premium Samsung Galaxy S8 Screen Protect
AbdulWahid AbdulWahid
Posted 328 days ago

Premium Samsung Galaxy S8 Screen Protect

Hi, I'm selling #Imported Premium Screen Protecter for Samsung Galaxy #S8. superb quality with curve edge.
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • AbdulWahid I have this only
  • SamjanaRai U have Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Accesory..Original Cover..Screen Protect...
  • HasanMishal used one Week only
  • HasanMishal 1900
  • AbdulWahid How much
  • AbdulWahid ok
  • HasanMishal i have s8 for sell personal
  • AbdulWahid up
  • AbdulWahid Go for it
  • AbdulWahid k
  • raffiraffi the price in my wallet in Melto 50 only it's ok thank u
  • AbdulWahid 55 okay
  • raffiraffi I cannot pay more than 50 thank u
  • AbdulWahid Do you want ?
  • AbdulWahid Do you want ?
  • raffiraffi no problem thank u
  • AbdulWahid You can pay 50% from melltoo credit
  • raffiraffi because I have only 50 AED in my wallet in Melto
  • AbdulWahid and its premium quality
  • AbdulWahid Bro I have to pay courier and commission also ill get just 30 aed
  • raffiraffi can we make it 50
  • raffiraffi hello
  • AbdulWahid .
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45 AED, delivery included