still like a new
JamalKassem JamalKassem
Posted 317 days ago

still like a new

Hi, I'm selling #still like a new
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • JamalKassem idont have what's up you can call me I'll give you info, 0506716406
  • aissamraziki 0502646780
  • aissamraziki I want only to get in my collection Nokia that's it. Send me pictures in whatsup and I will let u know my price. If you like bro
  • JamalKassem it's great condtion, last 100 .
  • aissamraziki If all good in condition I pay 60
  • JamalKassem no I don't have many mobiles , I'm telling you how much you want to pay it
  • aissamraziki You mean you have too many mobiles ?
  • JamalKassem I'm giving you very good price , how you want ?
  • aissamraziki Coz I have already 8310 and same like yours. But I lost tell me good price ! This 6510 right
  • JamalKassem how much you want 🤓?
  • aissamraziki How much last ?
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136 AED, delivery included