32Gb SAMSUNG GALAXY S6 (Used Mobile)
Posted 279 days ago

32Gb SAMSUNG GALAXY S6 (Used Mobile)

Hi, I'm selling #32Gb SAMSUNG GALAXY S6 (Used Mobile) 👍Original & Genuine 👍Perfect Working Condition 👍Mobile only deal ℹThis is the best discounted Price. Please do not negotiate further. BUY IT NOW if interested.
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Hellen Ok
  • WaseemAdil I have g3 and g4 T Mobile brand new. without accessories
  • SHOPN Hello Hann. No as of now.
  • SHOPN Noted Hellen👍
  • HannShawn do u have lg g3 ? i need one
  • Hellen WhatsApp
  • Hellen 0522012590 my number
  • Hellen Let me know if you add
  • SHOPN I will definitely add another one soon Hellen.
  • Hellen If you have another one let me know
  • Hellen Am the first person that want to buy it. Before someone just come and buy it is not good ooo
  • Hellen I hope is clean
  • WaseemAdil Can have whatsapp nmbr please send me
  • SHOPN Original Used Mobile.
  • WaseemAdil how did you know
  • Hellen Is it original
  • WaseemAdil It's USA or varizon
  • SHOPN Hello Hellen. I already made it lowest.
  • Hellen Please 700
  • HannShawn 700
  • HannShawn refurbished !
  • SHOPN Price reduced to d Best & Final👍
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732 AED, delivery included