Blackberry Playbook 4G LTE 32GB
Hamrash_SatharSathar Hamrash_SatharSathar
Posted 274 days ago

Blackberry Playbook 4G LTE 32GB

Blackberry Playbook, 4G LTE 32GB, Org Aceesories Charging Cable, Org Box, Org Booklet, FREE SHIPPING, Ping me for discount upto 140Aed for spot buyers.Hi, I'm selling #Blackberry Playbook 4G LTE 32GB
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • zamierkhan location Send me
  • Hamrash_SatharSathar Sold out
  • gulfam-abdulpattewale Display size?
  • gulfam-abdulpattewale With sim ?
  • WaqasAli Last price
  • Hamrash_SatharSathar High discount
  • Hamrash_SatharSathar Incredible Offer
  • Hamrash_SatharSathar Discounted price
  • Hamrash_SatharSathar Weekend huge discount
  • Hamrash_SatharSathar WIFI Suppory
  • Hamrash_SatharSathar msg me 0559797670
  • rm70191 How I give you ping
  • MohammedHashim SIM support
  • Hamrash_SatharSathar yeah 100% me
  • rm70191 Hi,, I wanna buy,, it's original
  • Hamrash_SatharSathar ping pong deal
  • Hamrash_SatharSathar Buy for 364 Aed and get 140Aed FREE me
  • JibranKhan 180 ok
  • Hamrash_SatharSathar WIFI Supported
  • JibranKhan 180
  • MohammedHashim SIM support
  • Hamrash_SatharSathar hurry up
  • Hamrash_SatharSathar Will get for me to know how?
  • JibranKhan 180
  • Hamrash_SatharSathar Huge discount of 140Aed..Ping me
  • FarazAreeb I 200 aed
  • Hamrash_SatharSathar Hurry up
  • Hamrash_SatharSathar Wifi 4G LTE 32GB Playbook now at sale
  • Hamrash_SatharSathar Wifi only..Ping me for FREE Credits
  • FarazAreeb Sim work or only wifi
  • Hamrash_SatharSathar Incredible discount
  • Hamrash_SatharSathar ping me for discount worth 140Aed
  • Hamrash_SatharSathar Awsome deal
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340 AED, delivery included