Canon EOS Rebel T3
MerjetteVaquilar MerjetteVaquilar
Posted 274 days ago

Canon EOS Rebel T3

Hi, I'm selling #Canon EOS Rebel T3 . Charger not included as i left it in other country, you can get charger in the mall for only 50aed. Comes with camera bag and camera strap
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • MerjetteVaquilar Buy it from souq then :) check amazon too dear
  • rm70191 I see on souq.Mobi there have offeer
  • MerjetteVaquilar No
  • rm70191 449
  • CathyHerrera How much the original price
  • MerjetteVaquilar Last price is 750, im only getting 640 out of it
  • rm70191 Last how much
  • MerjetteVaquilar Battery is perfectly working just happened that i left my charger in other country when i went to vacation.
  • rm70191 If
  • rm70191 Of charger not work
  • MerjetteVaquilar In perfect condition, not even scratches. Looks like new
  • rm70191 Any problem
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750 AED, delivery included