Charger dock for iphone and ipad new
AhmedkhaledAhmed_Khaled AhmedkhaledAhmed_Khaled
Posted 214 days ago

Charger dock for iphone and ipad new

Brand new charger and sync dock for sell new
  • Condition : NEW
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • AhmedkhaledAhmed_Khaled Yes i know iphone where is made in china reach carefully bro okay !!!
  • gulfam-abdulpattewale My dear it’s return made in china 😝😝😝😝
  • AhmedkhaledAhmed_Khaled Yp
  • AhmedkhaledAhmed_Khaled Up
  • AhmedkhaledAhmed_Khaled Rohs orginal brand from apple
  • AhmedkhaledAhmed_Khaled Charging for iphone its orginal look at last photo my friend
  • AhmedkhaledAhmed_Khaled Yes orginal from apple
  • gulfam-abdulpattewale I asked original from apple ?
  • AhmedkhaledAhmed_Khaled Not used at all
  • AhmedkhaledAhmed_Khaled Yes sir
  • gulfam-abdulpattewale Original?
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35 AED, delivery included