Samsung Galaxy Tab S. SM-T705
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Samsung Galaxy Tab S. SM-T705

Samsung Galaxy Tab S. SM-T705. 16Gb, with Box , Charger, and free Case/Cover. 4g wifi and Sim slot also. Also have screen protector. Look like new. Used but in Perfect working condition. Without any issue and Scratch-less.. Guaranteed. Free 🎧Head Phone from Fitness First🎧
  • Memory : 16 GB
  • Brand : Samsung
  • Condition : Used, like new
  • Color : White
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • AbdulAllah If you bought it can i have the copy of bill if you do not mind samsung will never sell 2 dirham charger and cable
  • 🔴NatashaCollections🔴 Dear i told u that i used the tablet. Its used tablet. And the accessories is with that tablet the same i got it. I didnt changed anything. The battery i didnt charged thats why it has half showing. If u charge it then it will be full of course. There is no issues dear. .
  • AbdulAllah Dear in your previous message you said i send it to you as i got it there was half battery and now you are saying i used it for many months why like this what you think
  • 🔴NatashaCollections🔴 Can u whatsapp me pls. 0559129540
  • 🔴NatashaCollections🔴 Dear i used it for how many months and it doesnt have any issue or problems. I sale it bcz i dont need it anymore. Thats why i sale it.
  • AbdulAllah Dear natasha i want to return back the tab its all accessories are duplicate and tab does not holds battery have battery issue thanks if you want i can report to melltoo
  • AbdulAllah I have seen and have fast charger this is even low china quality
  • AbdulAllah No worries dear your faith is with you and mine with me but if you swear then you should know everything about the product you are selling
  • 🔴NatashaCollections🔴 Brother i swear i am using that charger from starting. It has no issues. I am telling u the truth.
  • AbdulAllah This is called fast charger 3 dirham in market
  • 🔴NatashaCollections🔴 The charger is fast charger.
  • 🔴NatashaCollections🔴 Dear i swear, with that tablet what i got i give it to you. The battery was not full charger thats why its showing half. I didnt charged it bro. U charge it first. Can u send me private message please.
  • AbdulAllah Yes i got it you did also like a typical businessman charger is duplicate wire is duplicate tablet battery timing spoiled which is not good asked you as human any problem but any how
  • 🔴NatashaCollections🔴 Hi Mr. Abdullah. Did u got the delivery of Tablet. Pls do message me. Thanks
  • 🔴NatashaCollections🔴 Insha’Allah. Dont worry bro
  • AbdulAllah Thanks a lot dear bought hopefully we will have good deal
  • 🔴NatashaCollections🔴 Buy it so i can accept the order for u.
  • 🔴NatashaCollections🔴 Ok i done for u because u r really interested and serious. I change the price for u. U can buy now. Thanks
  • AbdulAllah Ok ready to take for 750
  • 🔴NatashaCollections🔴 It doesnt have any issue or fault. Not repaired.
  • 🔴NatashaCollections🔴 I can give u guaranty. Its original and with all accessories. Only handsfree is not available. But i have headphone. I can give u for free. It has free original body case. Screen protector. Charge. And box.
  • AbdulAllah Does it has a warranty
  • AbdulAllah It is 100% original no repair no damage clean with box and all accessories
  • 🔴NatashaCollections🔴 Last and final for u if interested is 785. Thats last. No more discount
  • AbdulAllah Give me your last price
  • 🔴NatashaCollections🔴 Up
  • 🔴NatashaCollections🔴 Offer price
  • 🔴NatashaCollections🔴 Bundle offer
  • 🔴NatashaCollections🔴 Offer
  • 🔴NatashaCollections🔴 Cheap price
  • 🔴NatashaCollections🔴 Offer price
  • 🔴NatashaCollections🔴 Up
  • 🔴NatashaCollections🔴 Up
  • 🔴NatashaCollections🔴 Up
  • 🔴NatashaCollections🔴 Up
  • 🔴NatashaCollections🔴 Offer
  • 🔴NatashaCollections🔴 Up
  • 🔴NatashaCollections🔴 Then buy it here if interested. I can last offer u 800. Guaranteed it has no issues.
  • AbdulAllah Sorry dear but i have credit with melltoo
  • 🔴NatashaCollections🔴 Up
  • 🔴NatashaCollections🔴 My whatsapp is 0559129540
  • AbdulAllah Ok dear
  • 🔴NatashaCollections🔴 If meetup then can give u 700.
  • 🔴NatashaCollections🔴 Last and final 800. Hope u understand dear
  • AbdulAllah No need extra
  • 🔴NatashaCollections🔴 Sorry i can’t. I am giving all the accessories. And also extra accessories.
  • AbdulAllah Dear 5-10 for headphone 700 last i can give
  • 🔴NatashaCollections🔴 I add headphone also for free. So it has headphone. Full body cover case. Fast charger. Screen protector. And box.
  • 🔴NatashaCollections🔴 Last and final is 800 only.
  • AbdulAllah 650
  • 🔴NatashaCollections🔴 Offer price
  • 🔴NatashaCollections🔴 Up
  • 🔴NatashaCollections🔴 Up
  • MuhammadJutt 600
  • 🔴NatashaCollections🔴 Perfect
  • 🔴NatashaCollections🔴 Up
  • 🔴NatashaCollections🔴 Original
  • 🔴NatashaCollections🔴 Original
  • 🔴NatashaCollections🔴 Up
  • bilalh46 Ary yaar Kia ho gya ha sub ko melltoo pe. Itna rate sub lot rahy ho itny ki itme oregnal nhe hoti jitny main sacend hand mil Rahi ha.......
  • 🔴NatashaCollections🔴 Sorry.last i can give @ 800 only. Guaranteed without any issues. Original.
  • MuhammadJutt 750 can take
  • bilalh46 700 this offer for you
  • 🔴NatashaCollections🔴 Sorry dear. Last and final is 800. Thanks
  • bilalh46 700
  • 🔴NatashaCollections🔴 Original
  • 🔴NatashaCollections🔴 Original
  • 🔴NatashaCollections🔴 Sorry dear
  • AbdulAllah 700 done
  • 🔴NatashaCollections🔴 Hi yes bro
  • AbdulAllah Hi
  • 🔴NatashaCollections🔴 Welcome bro
  • AbdulAllah Thanks no worries
  • 🔴NatashaCollections🔴 Sorry dear. Its Guaranteed very near and clean tab. 100% without any issue. With screen protector , charger, free cover. And box.
  • AbdulAllah 600 is ok
  • 🔴NatashaCollections🔴 Up
  • 🔴NatashaCollections🔴 Original
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750 AED, delivery included