Blackberry Playbook
Hamrash_SatharSathar Hamrash_SatharSathar
Posted 186 days ago

Blackberry Playbook

4GLTE 32GB Blackberry Playbook with Org accessories. Grab 50%discount today
  • Color : Black
  • Memory : 32 GB
  • Condition : Used, like new
  • Wifi/3G : WiFi only
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Hamrash_SatharSathar up
  • Hamrash_SatharSathar Best price brother with 50%discount..Comes with org accessories nd packing..with delivery
  • thegreatabdul no more discount? make it 250 man.. good price..
  • Hamrash_SatharSathar 50% Offer gonna ends in few hours..Hurry up
  • Hamrash_SatharSathar Sale
  • Hamrash_SatharSathar up
  • Hamrash_SatharSathar Grab the best deal
  • Hamrash_SatharSathar 🎁All org Accessories🎁32 GB 🎁4G LTE🎁WIFI
  • Hamrash_SatharSathar 50%discount
  • Hamrash_SatharSathar 280 Aed with all Org accessories and home delivery with 50%discount
  • thegreatabdul let me know if u can make it 250 today..
  • thegreatabdul dont have enough credit
  • Hamrash_SatharSathar 280 last..if u want let me know can grab 50%discount
  • thegreatabdul change it
  • Hamrash_SatharSathar Super deal
  • thegreatabdul make it 250 good price
  • Hamrash_SatharSathar infact if u purchase today u will get for lesser price with 50%discount
  • MarkJet 200?
  • Hamrash_SatharSathar Comes with Free delivery and Org accessories
  • Hamrash_SatharSathar 50% discount sale going on now..32 GB 4G LTE WIFI Blackberry play book with all accessories.
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280 AED, delivery included