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Smasung camera
AhmedkhaledAhmed_Khaled AhmedkhaledAhmed_Khaled
Posted 149 days ago

Smasung camera

Brand new camera with wifi
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • AhmedkhaledAhmed_Khaled call me
  • AhmedkhaledAhmed_Khaled call me now 0507453669
  • AhmedkhaledAhmed_Khaled no i didnt ?
  • BijuBhai you recived cash
  • AhmedkhaledAhmed_Khaled is there any problem ??
  • BijuBhai I call you
  • AhmedkhaledAhmed_Khaled why ?
  • BijuBhai what your mobile no
  • BijuBhai yes deliverd
  • AhmedkhaledAhmed_Khaled hello??
  • AhmedkhaledAhmed_Khaled did they deliver to you the camera ??
  • AhmedkhaledAhmed_Khaled usb cable inside box
  • AhmedkhaledAhmed_Khaled yes battery is there inside camera
  • BijuBhai his together battery or charger
  • AhmedkhaledAhmed_Khaled all the best tomorrw they will deliver to you
  • BijuBhai ok
  • AhmedkhaledAhmed_Khaled they collect now the camera tomorrow they deliver to you
  • AhmedkhaledAhmed_Khaled yes you can put more
  • BijuBhai memory expendable
  • BijuBhai salot card
  • AhmedkhaledAhmed_Khaled you can putt more
  • AhmedkhaledAhmed_Khaled welcome ,memory 2GB
  • BijuBhai thanks
  • BijuBhai how much memory
  • AhmedkhaledAhmed_Khaled yes bro nothing problem its perfect
  • BijuBhai nothing any problem and perfect working
  • AhmedkhaledAhmed_Khaled i change price done sorry for being late
  • AhmedkhaledAhmed_Khaled yes bro i slept i was tired
  • BijuBhai may be you are sleeping OK good night brother
  • BijuBhai Ahmed khan
  • BijuBhai try plz
  • BijuBhai why are you make 477 just make 425 I am one to final
  • BijuBhai time is very more del finesh I am sleeping dear
  • BijuBhai plz make
  • BijuBhai I am tell you last to last price 425
  • AhmedkhaledAhmed_Khaled 477
  • AhmedkhaledAhmed_Khaled my friend last i will give is
  • BijuBhai total include tell me
  • AhmedkhaledAhmed_Khaled 400 out of meltoo
  • BijuBhai last discount 35
  • BijuBhai you already tell 400
  • AhmedkhaledAhmed_Khaled am really sorry this is the best price + my price is likke that becaue i get nothing
  • BijuBhai I know if you tell brother make price
  • AhmedkhaledAhmed_Khaled now price is 500 brother
  • AhmedkhaledAhmed_Khaled am sorry brother this orginal price is 1100
  • BijuBhai if you make price I am really want
  • AhmedkhaledAhmed_Khaled am not makig price as you want i do what i ever want , you dont deside about changing price or giving a price from your mind , dont think thats am a fool , god blesss you tooo , am i the one who controls the price not you
  • BijuBhai do you want more word
  • BijuBhai God bless you
  • BijuBhai thanks for you make price 365
  • AhmedkhaledAhmed_Khaled you also please take care about your mind please before you type any words to me
  • BijuBhai plZ take care
  • AhmedkhaledAhmed_Khaled this orginal price is 1100 and you offer me 360 do i look like idiot
  • BijuBhai 😎😎😎😎
  • AhmedkhaledAhmed_Khaled go away
  • BijuBhai 360 best offer
  • AhmedkhaledAhmed_Khaled up
  • AhmedkhaledAhmed_Khaled up
  • OmarKhaled Up
  • Aminata MConteh make it less i will buy
  • AhmedkhaledAhmed_Khaled sorry
  • rarabelsrnnlledondo make it less more
  • AhmedkhaledAhmed_Khaled 400 last i give
  • rarabelsrnnlledondo ok
  • AhmedkhaledAhmed_Khaled sorry this is last bro
  • rarabelsrnnlledondo make it less
  • rarabelsrnnlledondo last price?
  • AhmedkhaledAhmed_Khaled no
  • rarabelsrnnlledondo 350
  • AhmedkhaledAhmed_Khaled up
  • AhmedkhaledAhmed_Khaled Up
  • AhmedkhaledAhmed_Khaled Dup
  • OmarKhaled Up
  • OmarKhaled Up
  • OmarKhaled Up
  • OmarKhaled Up
  • AhmedkhaledAhmed_Khaled up
  • AhmedkhaledAhmed_Khaled up
  • AhmedkhaledAhmed_Khaled up
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426 AED, delivery included