Samsung A-5 with headphone and charger
naveenchandnani naveenchandnani
Posted 145 days ago

Samsung A-5 with headphone and charger

Good deal
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • naveenchandnani Hii
  • nasrinliza Sorry broo if make 350 I'll buy otherwise no need to reduced ur price
  • naveenchandnani I make 520/- last and alst
  • naveenchandnani Sorry bro its my last price
  • nasrinliza will you reduced price
  • naveenchandnani Oky
  • nasrinliza if possibly reduce price I'll book it now
  • nasrinliza Sorry broo that's my last price
  • naveenchandnani No sir its too much low west price
  • nasrinliza 350
  • naveenchandnani Hahaha no
  • nasrinliza Broo aed 300
  • naveenchandnani Hahahha no its last
  • CharlesMokube 350.I will go for 2
  • naveenchandnani Oky
  • FurqanKhan ok
  • naveenchandnani Furqan sorry its last price
  • FurqanKhan 400 possibl3
  • naveenchandnani Up
  • MdHidayatullah sorry sir..
  • naveenchandnani 540/- last if you want
  • MdHidayatullah mean
  • naveenchandnani Up
  • MdHidayatullah OK sorry for disturb
  • naveenchandnani Bro its already last This samsung A-5 Bro I want money thats why i m selling
  • MdHidayatullah what last
  • naveenchandnani No
  • MdHidayatullah yes or no
  • MdHidayatullah not time pass
  • naveenchandnani Dont time pass pleqse
  • MdHidayatullah 400
  • naveenchandnani Its last 100% Original
  • MdHidayatullah how much your last price
  • MdHidayatullah its original
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540 AED, delivery included