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IPhone 6  64GB Fingerprint  Not Working
SamjanaRai SamjanaRai
Posted 118 days ago

IPhone 6 64GB Fingerprint Not Working

IPhone 6 Original 64 GB Used With Box🎁 Fingerprint Lock Not Working Box:- Available Charger:- Available Earphone :- NO No Scrach - No Dent Clear Cover Available Screen Protect Fixed already No other issue All Good Working Condition
  • Brand : Apple
  • Color : Gold
  • Memory : 64 GB
  • Condition : Used, like new
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  • muhammadazeem ok
  • muhammadazeem I don't cancel if by once. as buyer need clearification nothing else have a good day bye
  • SamjanaRai Ok Good..its Fine...Wait for delivery...Keep open your Phone...Courier Call u Sunday or Monday
  • muhammadazeem with due respect did I tell you have shop I just only ask for confirmation miss mero
  • SamjanaRai Ok..its Fine but Any kind if confusion...u Can Cancel Order before Book the Order.
  • muhammadazeem ok I just want to confirm on miss mero
  • SamjanaRai Hello...Mr. Azeem, its Personal Use Mobile...I don't have Shop for Sell refurbished Phone.
  • muhammadazeem Coz I just want to confirm it's should not be refurbished
  • muhammadazeem ok thanks
  • SamjanaRai U Can Check IME Number...Backside Cover & inside Setting Same. if repair & body Change...ime Number Also Change.
  • muhammadazeem Ah ok is it refurbished ?
  • SamjanaRai Not Repair...Regular Using...Now I Bought iphone x..Extra Phone.
  • muhammadazeem this phone is repaired before ever?
  • muhammadazeem ok thanks
  • SamjanaRai Yes...Working...Finger Not Working...u Can buy 50/- aed Fingerprint repair Shop..
  • muhammadazeem only finger lock not working .home button is working na
  • SamjanaRai I Already Accept, Thanks
  • muhammadazeem accept order madam
  • SinduliGadi Mr.Muhhammad...Sold n Come to Chat.
  • muhammadazeem miss marro your what's app no ?
  • muhammadazeem I read your description already that Is why I m going to buy
  • muhammadazeem ok just change price
  • SamjanaRai OK Take it....Before Buy...Plz Read My description.
  • muhammadazeem last 850 I will buy now
  • SamjanaRai Urgent Sale, Anybody interest Chat me inbox....I Want Buy Samsung Note 8 Smartphone DFS offer Period....that's the reason selling Cheap Price.
  • muhammadazeem ok up to you madam
  • SamjanaRai its 64 GB Version....Not possible MR.Muhammad
  • muhammadazeem will buy it now
  • muhammadazeem 800
  • SamjanaRai
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