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Huawei Honor 8lite black
AyshaAshraf AyshaAshraf
Posted 106 days ago

Huawei Honor 8lite black

Hi I am selling Huawei honor 8lite black colour 16gb just opened the box to check and bought it from axiom from Deira city center and has extended the warranty too and also have 2back cases new which is shown in picture no negotiation please tnku
  • Brand : Huawei
  • Color : Black
  • Memory : 16 GB
  • Condition : NEW
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • nasrinliza 600
  • KamranShehzad 750
  • znjAndria Make it 740
  • MithuMishu 740 last last
  • znjAndria Plz check Private
  • AyshaAshraf 770 is the final price
  • KamranShehzad 730
  • MdAmran 550
  • AyshaAshraf yes
  • znjAndria Is it duel sim
  • AyshaAshraf 770 I can do last
  • AyshaAshraf 770 I can do
  • KamranShehzad 720
  • AyshaAshraf 🏏
  • Adat0828 ⚾🏌️
  • AyshaAshraf 😎
  • znjAndria 😎
  • znjAndria Most welcome 😢
  • AyshaAshraf oohhh really tnku for ur kindly information Sophie
  • Adat0828 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😆😆😆😆😆
  • AyshaAshraf 😆
  • znjAndria 1- its higher then new price 2- its open piece 3- your not selling brand new 4- its your problem you buy extra warranty
  • AyshaAshraf den its ur choice buy it or leave it 🖒
  • znjAndria What ?
  • AyshaAshraf oohhh really 😉
  • Adat0828 😂😂😂😂😂
  • znjAndria You have any codes for points ? I dont have points
  • AyshaAshraf here u can use ur points and meltoo courier to u if u like u can buy from there Sophie iam not forcing u to buy the choice is urz
  • znjAndria I also want it but whats the point to pay extra here when we can take cheaper with closed seal
  • AyshaAshraf it's not free bro
  • AyshaAshraf and to extended the warranty it's extra and meltoo charge courier and their service charge
  • Adat0828 new one 620
  • ImranKhan 700
  • AyshaAshraf Datz the final price
  • MdAmran how much the last price?
  • AyshaAshraf and the phone is bought from axiom not from souq or any online guyz
  • AyshaAshraf yes but I have extended the warranty too
  • ObydurRahaman Shabuj New phone price in jumbo 629 dhs
  • znjAndria
  • MdAmran last price
  • znjAndria K
  • AyshaAshraf No tnku
  • znjAndria U want iphone ?
  • AyshaAshraf Good
  • znjAndria I dont mind trading phones, i have iphone 6s gold 16 gb,
  • znjAndria She seling used phone higher then new price lol
  • shahadat m also brought this mobile last month...
  • shahadat in market prize 560/- but you want...ha ha ha
  • AyshaAshraf anyhow my price will not change dear
  • AyshaAshraf It's upto u Sophie if u don't want leave it
  • AyshaAshraf ooohhhh
  • znjAndria Open means not brand new, seal pack means new
  • AyshaAshraf It's brand new just open the box only
  • AyshaAshraf did I tell I have used and it's extended warranty too dear Sophie
  • znjAndria Is this a joke ? Used phone more expensive then brand new phone, sharaf dj has this for 649 aed
  • ImranKhan 630
  • sumanahamed Reduce the price
  • AyshaAshraf tnku
  • nasrinliza 500
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818 AED, delivery included