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HTC 626
Posted 103 days ago

HTC 626

HTC 626 ONLY MOBILE 3 colours available! Black blue white
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • gulfam-abdulpattewale N3xt gen is not good seller yesterday he told to my friend wait he will come and replace the phone ,my friend was waiting for 30-45 mins and calling seller and seller guy but no response.please request from all buyer not buy from this seller 😔😔😔😔
  • gulfam-abdulpattewale Hii dude have you put the add again
  • gulfam-abdulpattewale After so much of struggle atleast we got our Mobile with 16gb 😝😝😝 can you check please y it is soo
  • N3XTGEN Check bro i am sure its 32gb
  • SulemanHikmat Hello Seller, this mobile is not 32GB
  • N3XTGEN Dear yesterday he called me i said him if he want to pick it now then come to al nahda or otherwise deira he said ok I come tomorrow
  • gulfam-abdulpattewale Dude every time Courier guy is coming y u the changing the location
  • gulfam-abdulpattewale Yesterday you The Who said they are coming on the way like that and today you are somthing different story
  • SulemanHikmat Dear i am not happy melltoo service
  • N3XTGEN Dude they called me yesterday & they said they will send the guy today at 1:30
  • gulfam-abdulpattewale Hav you gave to courier
  • gulfam-abdulpattewale Have you given the item to Courier ?
  • gulfam-abdulpattewale Hav u recv a call frm Courier
  • gulfam-abdulpattewale I don’t understand Courier saying that u said that u will call him
  • N3XTGEN No i just contact the team right now they said he will call you right now just wait some time
  • gulfam-abdulpattewale Have u recvd the call from courier
  • gulfam-abdulpattewale When I check with Courier they are saying your are not recv good call
  • N3XTGEN He called me today i said him to come at 4:00 or you will get it today or sure tomorrow
  • gulfam-abdulpattewale Dear wat happen I did not recv the Courier it seems lik Courier trying to reach you
  • gulfam-abdulpattewale Ok
  • N3XTGEN He will come maybe tomorrow or day after tomorrow i have got the msg today that the team will contact you soon for pickup the delivery
  • gulfam-abdulpattewale You given your the phone to courier or still pending from your side
  • gulfam-abdulpattewale Thank you so much seller for your help...😊😊😊now please arrange for delivery also from your side 🤩🤩🤩
  • gulfam-abdulpattewale I can’t see still it shows sold
  • SulemanHikmat Still showing sold
  • SulemanHikmat When
  • N3XTGEN Yes
  • gulfam-abdulpattewale Hav u posted the item
  • gulfam-abdulpattewale Hav u checked
  • gulfam-abdulpattewale Please check
  • N3XTGEN Ok i will contact with Melltoo
  • gulfam-abdulpattewale By any change u will post it today
  • gulfam-abdulpattewale Still not showing can you check please with melltoo
  • RejeeshGireesh today's answer ?
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  • N3XTGEN Kindly check after some time
  • N3XTGEN Ok I post it now
  • gulfam-abdulpattewale Black is ok
  • N3XTGEN Black white
  • gulfam-abdulpattewale But make sure it will same specs for 32gb n 2 hn ram
  • gulfam-abdulpattewale Wat color u have
  • N3XTGEN What colour you want tell me i post it now
  • gulfam-abdulpattewale No update 😝😝😝😝
  • SulemanHikmat Any update
  • gulfam-abdulpattewale Any update
  • gulfam-abdulpattewale Ok
  • N3XTGEN I will put it ad today at night
  • N3XTGEN Ok
  • gulfam-abdulpattewale I m waiting ,please update me once it’s done from your side
  • gulfam-abdulpattewale Please
  • gulfam-abdulpattewale Yes
  • N3XTGEN I sell again ?
  • gulfam-abdulpattewale U sell again again will buy
  • gulfam-abdulpattewale Becouse now we have enough credit to buy again
  • gulfam-abdulpattewale Please confirm
  • gulfam-abdulpattewale Order us canceled
  • SulemanHikmat Hi, why you cancel my order
  • N3XTGEN Check now bro
  • gulfam-abdulpattewale Ok
  • N3XTGEN Check after some time
  • gulfam-abdulpattewale Still same
  • N3XTGEN I change price?
  • gulfam-abdulpattewale Please thank you
  • N3XTGEN Ok
  • N3XTGEN Ok
  • gulfam-abdulpattewale 380
  • N3XTGEN No sorry bro I already gave my price
  • gulfam-abdulpattewale ?
  • gulfam-abdulpattewale Then make it 360
  • N3XTGEN Sorry 420
  • gulfam-abdulpattewale In melltoo it’s 420
  • N3XTGEN 450 final
  • gulfam-abdulpattewale 350
  • N3XTGEN 3 days Melltoo warranty
  • N3XTGEN Only mobile
  • gulfam-abdulpattewale Accessories?
  • gulfam-abdulpattewale Warranty?
  • N3XTGEN 2gb ram
  • N3XTGEN 32gb
  • gulfam-abdulpattewale Memory?ram?
  • N3XTGEN Last price 420
  • Adat0828 300
  • N3XTGEN Up
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381 AED, delivery included