LG V10 -- 64gb-- 4gb ram
Jitenderjangir Jitenderjangir
Posted 104 days ago

LG V10 -- 64gb-- 4gb ram

Lg V10 --- 64 gb -- 4gb--- with complete box and accessories
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • MdAmran 620
  • Jitenderjangir nhi bhai v20 nhi h
  • mohammedUsama I need LG V20 can u arrange for me?
  • Jitenderjangir 705 last is last price
  • TanveerRasool how much last price
  • Jitenderjangir dear First you check...it is LG V10
  • TanveerRasool I need L G V 10
  • mohammedUsama Do u have LG V20...?
  • TanveerRasool 560
  • mohammedUsama 550
  • rarabelsrnnlledondo 550
  • Jitenderjangir up
  • AbelShrestha 500
  • Jitenderjangir for example if you don't want any item....you can decline payment request...your item Will be return ...and your cash money will be return in your account...so don't worry
  • Jitenderjangir dear all...its original mobile....melltoo also giving you 3 days ...when you received any item...melltoo ask you two options ....accept or decline ...First you check..after..done accept button...very simple..
  • Jitenderjangir it is not a copy ...it is original koria mobile
  • Jitenderjangir no dear u can check 1-2 days ...if you don't want. .return it
  • AyshaAshraf it has warranty
  • Jitenderjangir made in koria...but original
  • AyshaAshraf gcc version or US version
  • singhj warranty ??
  • Jitenderjangir
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705 AED, delivery included