Iphone 5s
Ayisha Ayisha
Posted 103 days ago

Iphone 5s

Iphone 5s , working perfectly , small dent on edge already showed on photos , full accessories
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • KishorAsa Mrs ayisha still I don't get it
  • MuhammaShakir thanks
  • MuhammaShakir ok
  • KishorAsa no pblm I'll cancel it don't be sad
  • MuhammaShakir we want to buy through melltoo
  • KishorAsa md shaker if you need this phn no worry take it from me same price. contact me 0526508966
  • KishorAsa I'm the one md shakir
  • MuhammaShakir ??
  • MuhammaShakir why written sold who bought it
  • KishorAsa ok
  • charmingCharlotte Pls sell this item soon It’s been three days I cannot stop getting notifications
  • KishorAsa reduce price
  • Ayisha 530
  • KishorAsa still same price
  • Ayisha Ok
  • MuhammaShakir ??
  • MuhammaShakir come to personal chat
  • Ayisha Last 530
  • Ayisha Srry
  • MuhammaShakir ok change the price i will buy
  • walterbabila make 500
  • Ayisha Till now i didnt feel any problem
  • MuhammaShakir ok done just confirm me one thing that is there any fault like battery timing camera or in processor
  • Ayisha 530 last
  • MuhammaShakir so any chances to reduce more price?
  • Ayisha When i take photo its showing like that . No worry have apple logo also
  • MuhammaShakir why apple logo is not visible?
  • Ayisha Ok .its upon you
  • walterbabila iPhone very difficult to use second hand that's why
  • Ayisha Its 100% original
  • Ayisha Sorry no bill . Why need bill . If you check with imei number u can understand is it original or not
  • walterbabila you buy it from where ??
  • walterbabila Do you have bill?
  • Ayisha 16
  • walterbabila Mrs: ayisha what about storage ???
  • Ayisha Original
  • MuhammaShakir its original or copy?
  • Ayisha Last 540
  • MuhammaShakir hello Ayisha whats last price call me 0506074180
  • khalilasa if you have original bill then I can buy
  • khalilasa Do you have bill coz so many iphone if fake btoo
  • Ayisha U can message me
  • AbelShrestha m inTetested nd plz watsapp me 0564455489
  • Ayisha Ok thnks
  • MuhammadSaim ok make 540 last I'll buy ok ?
  • Ayisha No problem
  • MuhammadSaim ok sorry
  • Ayisha 550 last
  • MuhammadSaim sorry budget is tight, i can't go above 500, pls make 530
  • Ayisha Srry i cant
  • Ayisha Remaining headphone and charger what will i do
  • MuhammadSaim no accessories just box and phone
  • MuhammadSaim can you make 530 i am interested
  • Ayisha No locked
  • Ayisha Have logo . If u want i will send photos
  • charmingCharlotte iCloud locked?
  • Ayisha You can see that logo
  • Ayisha Pls zoom
  • MuhammadSaim I'm interested
  • MuhammadSaim where is the apple logo in 3rd pic
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530 AED, delivery included