Xiaomi redmi 4x
salemsalomyy salemsalomyy
Posted 101 days ago

Xiaomi redmi 4x

Remdi 4x 32 gb 3 gb ram very clean with screen protector with box and all original accessories
  • Brand : Xiaomi
  • Color : Black
  • Memory : 32 GB
  • Condition : Used, like new
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • salemsalomyy u welcom
  • sumanahamed Ok alright, 2 more days i will check and then i will accept. Thanks.
  • salemsalomyy xiaomi Do not place earphones
  • salemsalomyy no airphone come with phone
  • sumanahamed Salomy why you didn't give airphone? Inside the box no airphone.
  • salemsalomyy ok
  • sumanahamed Ok, i will contact with courier
  • salemsalomyy yesterday he take the phone
  • sumanahamed Mr. Salomy did mellto contact or collected your item for delivery?
  • salemsalomyy ok
  • sumanahamed Thanks dear, don't mind as customer i just Bargain with you. Please send all original accessories.
  • salemsalomyy i changed
  • sumanahamed Ok, change the price
  • sumanahamed Ok change i will click buy it now, but remember if any problems findout in mobile so mellto has return policy
  • salemsalomyy ok i will change price to 430
  • salemsalomyy ok
  • sumanahamed Yes i want, that's what commenting with you, 430 please
  • salemsalomyy r u want
  • sumanahamed Friend it's Used mobile, make it 430 please
  • salemsalomyy last 450 if you want
  • sumanahamed 425 possible?
  • salemsalomyy no
  • sumanahamed You don't have gold color?
  • salemsalomyy no
  • sumanahamed 400 ok?
  • salemsalomyy before i used i put sticker skin
  • sumanahamed Mobile back side looks like it very hardly used because it's logo not looking
  • salemsalomyy dont warry i bought more fom xiaomi and all original
  • salemsalomyy its original if you dont trust me buy from another one
  • sumanahamed Don't angry, as a customer i asked you because i want to buy this
  • sumanahamed So then any customers how can trust you about this is fake or original?
  • salemsalomyy i dont know form where my bro bought it
  • sumanahamed I just wanted to know this you used 5month so where from you brought this because kind of this mobile normally 1/2 years warranty but you used just 5month
  • salemsalomyy send in special chat becuase in general its hang
  • salemsalomyy what do yo want know
  • sumanahamed I was ready to buy this
  • sumanahamed I have doubt because you can't give my simple questions answer
  • salemsalomyy th phone its clean if you want ok if dont want no problem
  • salemsalomyy no warranty no warranty no warranty
  • sumanahamed I will buy but just tell me that 5month used so it's almost new so it should be any warranty from jumbo or carifore aximo emex
  • salemsalomyy This is not an investigation
  • salemsalomyy if you buy it if you dont no problem
  • sumanahamed 5month used so how can't be no warranty? Where from you brought this?
  • salemsalomyy no
  • sumanahamed It's has any warranty
  • salemsalomyy international version
  • sumanahamed This is international version or just ordinary china? Where from you brought this, jumbo, carifore, aximo?
  • salemsalomyy 450
  • sumanahamed How much last price?
  • salemsalomyy yes with box and accessories
  • sumanahamed Come to inbox
  • salemsalomyy becuase i bought samsung note 8
  • sumanahamed No issue no problem so then why selling
  • salemsalomyy very clean and no scrach
  • salemsalomyy 5 month and no issue and no problem
  • sumanahamed How many months used & any repair or was any problem in this mobile?
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430 AED, delivery included