38mm I watch, little repair required
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Posted 118 days ago

38mm I watch, little repair required

Hi, selling 38mm Apple Watch. It’s having charging issue. Little repair required. Few invisible scratches on screen.
  • Brand : Apple
  • Condition : Damaged, not working
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • B.K.items Series 1.
  • akhilsajimathew Which series
  • B.K.items I have another 38mm in very nice condition, check my profile
  • B.K.items It’s sold Akhil
  • akhilsajimathew Plz
  • akhilsajimathew I am interested
  • akhilsajimathew Hi
  • B.K.items Hi Hasib, I contacted Melltoo and they said it will be delivered today so please be available to complete this transaction!
  • B.K.items It’s too low brother
  • Hasib Make it 460
  • B.K.items Send me msg
  • B.K.items Hi Hasib
  • Hasib I will seriously buyer
  • Hasib Tell last price
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495 AED, delivery included