IPhone 5s- Original
AilafKapdi AilafKapdi
Posted 118 days ago

IPhone 5s- Original

Includes face time, Includes all accessories, headphones and charger But No box Light usage only, but kept for 3 years, not even a single Scratch And it's original, not refurbished friends.....
  • Brand : Apple
  • Color : White
  • Memory : 16 GB
  • Condition : Used, like new
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • AilafKapdi bro everyone make retarded price....who doesn't bargain....even I do...but at the same time I understand peoples needs....these people don't even understand that....i only take what I can get....i think twice and then put a price....but again people offer insane bargains and negotiations I can't do anything man...after all I am asking what i need and not anything extra...... So my final price is 591
  • muhammadazeem look brother you put a thing to market for sel obviously people will bargining but what's your actual price you stay there if any one meet your expectation then sell to him ..don't be bother yourself
  • AilafKapdi I am posting a price of 649, People around here say 500, 400..... that's not done If you want a price come at 591 or else forget it
  • AilafKapdi You guys give me mentally retarded negotiations what do I do then ...
  • muhammadazeem hahaha bro make it 1000
  • nasrinliza 500
  • AilafKapdi As mentioned above:- 16 gb
  • Ayisha Memmory?
  • AilafKapdi Come inbox
  • naeemfatiwala 560
  • AilafKapdi come inbox
  • muhammadazeem 550
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591 AED, delivery included