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Iphone 6 plus: HOT DEAL!! BUY now°•°•°•°
AilafKapdi AilafKapdi
Posted 81 days ago

Iphone 6 plus: HOT DEAL!! BUY now°•°•°•°

Having iPhone 6plus 128 GB For sale @ a good rate !!! Having all the accessories(check pictures) and the box..... Used it for some time....BUY NOW at this selling rate!!
  • Memory : 128 GB
  • Color : Gold
  • Condition : Used, like new
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • AilafKapdi Great .... so 64 GB ?
  • SachalCh ok dear
  • AilafKapdi Okay sorry friend..... even I changed my mind....i can't reduce it to 1650.... check my page for the more different and affordable mobiles.... or take 64 GB.... 1500....dhs
  • SachalCh sorry dear i give last only 1550 its last
  • AilafKapdi bro.... don't u want the phone ?
  • AilafKapdi Okay run fast.... and LET ME know so that I change the price....
  • SachalCh ok w8 i tell u fast
  • AilafKapdi Yeah u can tell me.... you're my customer.... just let me know when u want to buy....bcoz if I get a better bidder I might sell to him as well.....selling on Facebook also.... be fast Mate!!
  • SachalCh i tell u plz w8
  • SachalCh w8 dear plz
  • AilafKapdi sorry.... I guess you're missing that good deal for buying this phone..... for a little extra one ever gives 210 dhs discount.... but still I've given it.... you should not miss this deal my friend
  • SachalCh if u agrree so.... tell mee
  • SachalCh sorrey dear buy me last price is 1550
  • AilafKapdi 1650 last price.... push yourself a little bit and buy it.... bcoz on I will change my mind.....and the price will be 1860...... just imagine 128 GB for only 1650....
  • AilafKapdi increase it a little bit and then u can take the phone... 1650..... is out of the way price.... only for u....let me know if interested.....
  • SachalCh no more plz
  • SachalCh dear last 1550
  • SachalCh no i need 128 gb
  • AilafKapdi Mate it's 128 GB....u can take it last for 1750... or else I have 64 GB for 1500... as per your budget.... u want this ?
  • SachalCh i give u last 1500 ok
  • AilafKapdi or what's your budget....
  • AilafKapdi take it for 1800...
  • SachalCh how much last price??
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1860 AED, delivery included