HTC 816 Original
AbdulWahid AbdulWahid
Posted 108 days ago

HTC 816 Original

Brand New HTC DESIRE 816 16 GB. For more details please pm me.
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • ManojVel say to customer care that you want to cancel the issue
  • AbdulWahid send me personal message
  • ManojVel u have to inform not me
  • AbdulWahid inform to melltoo
  • ManojVel u accepted it?
  • ManojVel boss I told you to decline the order
  • ManojVel cancel it
  • AbdulWahid inform to mell too
  • ManojVel yeah just give me some time. ill say you bu evening
  • AbdulWahid @Manoj kindly update
  • AbdulWahid @manoj i checked it's 3g. If okay then ill proceed with the courier
  • AbdulWahid personal message
  • ManojVel what is pm
  • AbdulWahid @Manoj kindly send me pm earliest
  • AbdulWahid Manoj please send pm
  • AbdulWahid okay
  • ManojVel accept it
  • ManojVel buyer sethuraman has buyed it
  • AbdulWahid white
  • AbdulWahid yeah
  • ManojVel can we put memory card??
  • ManojVel what colour
  • AbdulWahid yeah
  • ManojVel buyer sethuraman will buy now
  • ManojVel boss it is 16gb??
  • AbdulWahid 5% additional discount
  • AbdulWahid up
  • AbdulWahid up
  • AbdulWahid Final Reduction
  • AbdulWahid @Manoj please pm
  • ManojVel what is your last price?
  • ManojVel ok
  • AbdulWahid It's new not used
  • ManojVel make it 400 I will buy now
  • ManojVel just 400
  • AbdulWahid sorry dear
  • ManojVel last 400
  • AbdulWahid yes
  • ManojVel is it 4g?
  • ManojVel I need it
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425 AED, delivery included