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raneemmohammed raneemmohammed
Posted 81 days ago


Works, but is extremely slow and outdated that you shouldn’t even bother. Can be used for parts, as they’re undamaged.
  • Memory : 16 GB
  • Brand : Apple
  • Condition : Damaged, not working
  • Color : Silver
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • ZachEfy you're pathetic. and worst seller. i told meltoo to cancel. you're not replying to courier. very bad. 👎
  • ZachEfy brooo ? why did u sell it and now not giving ?
  • ZachEfy did they pick up ?
  • ZachEfy bro ????
  • ZachEfy yes ? did you contact and gave ?
  • ZachEfy oh my god 😐
  • raneemmohammed No, i contacted the courier two days ago and no reply. I’m trying now to contact
  • ZachEfy picked up ?
  • ZachEfy ohh ok sorry
  • raneemmohammed I already told you I was at the hospital and couldn’t.
  • ZachEfy man why are u making so late. pls make sure he picks up today, since tomorrow is holiday. 3 days you didn't give him
  • raneemmohammed No, he still didn’t. I’m gonna call them now to schedule a pickup. Sorry for the delay.
  • ZachEfy I'll get it on Saturday now :(
  • ZachEfy he picked it up today ?
  • raneemmohammed Yes
  • ZachEfy it's been more than a week now my dude. where is the item ? courier didn't pick up yet ?
  • raneemmohammed Thanks.
  • ZachEfy ohh ok. hope everything is ok. and it's fine if he picks up today :)
  • raneemmohammed He was supposed to come yesterday at 8, but he called me at 4. I was at the hospital, and couldn’t come home. But he’s coming today at around 4.
  • ZachEfy why are they so late :/
  • raneemmohammed Nope
  • ZachEfy not yet picked ?
  • raneemmohammed No not yet.
  • ZachEfy wanna sell ipod work this too !? 160 total
  • ZachEfy hahahahaha did they pick up ?
  • raneemmohammed Yes, kind of
  • ZachEfy ok. it's working right ?
  • raneemmohammed I think
  • raneemmohammed 16
  • ZachEfy how*
  • ZachEfy hope much gb ?
  • ZachEfy ok send that it's fine
  • raneemmohammed I don’t have the box, but I have the charger and plug.
  • ZachEfy it's ok. send me everything u have, box and accessories whatever stuff
  • raneemmohammed I don’t know, but the oldest IOS. And it takes forever to charge.
  • ZachEfy ??
  • ZachEfy yes send the charger also pls, what ios it's running ?
  • raneemmohammed Its extremely slow, takes forever to charge. I would recommend using it for the parts.
  • ZachEfy iphone is working fine ?
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136 AED, delivery included