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Huawei Andorid Smart Watch - New
RejeeshGireesh RejeeshGireesh
Posted 82 days ago

Huawei Andorid Smart Watch - New

Huawei smartwatch - Black leather Latest android wear os Can be connected to both iPhone and Android mobiles. *NO SCRATCHES* All accessories included Leather little worn out..but can be changed Working perfectly
  • Brand : Huawei
  • Condition : Used, like new
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • RejeeshGireesh will stay almost 2 days
  • akhilsajimathew How is the battery
  • akhilsajimathew OK bro
  • RejeeshGireesh no bro...this watch can be used with any can use any normal strap
  • akhilsajimathew Cheta do u have extra straps
  • akhilsajimathew Ok
  • RejeeshGireesh yes box is there
  • akhilsajimathew Box
  • RejeeshGireesh Only charger..i will check for screen protector
  • akhilsajimathew If u have Plz give me
  • akhilsajimathew Cheta do u have any accessories
  • RejeeshGireesh ok
  • akhilsajimathew Ok
  • akhilsajimathew I will buy from my mother's account
  • RejeeshGireesh yes...including ..adapter
  • akhilsajimathew Everything
  • akhilsajimathew Ever is there
  • RejeeshGireesh made it 700
  • RejeeshGireesh ok
  • akhilsajimathew Plz cheta
  • akhilsajimathew Can you make it 700
  • RejeeshGireesh scratches...working perfectly
  • akhilsajimathew It s good condition
  • RejeeshGireesh yes akhil its available
  • RejeeshGireesh hi
  • akhilsajimathew Plz I need
  • akhilsajimathew Hi
  • RejeeshGireesh price reduced
  • RejeeshGireesh up
  • RejeeshGireesh u
  • RejeeshGireesh up
  • RejeeshGireesh up
  • RejeeshGireesh up
  • RejeeshGireesh up
  • RejeeshGireesh ok
  • ZachEfy hahaha it's smarter than u. anyways it's waste of time talking to u. bye
  • RejeeshGireesh why would i want that stupid watch ? who wants that old u came and commented on my first..if u dont want to buy this please leave
  • ZachEfy you were planning on buying that too. and i tried to exchange because i wanted to help 😂
  • RejeeshGireesh hahaha maybe thats why u tried to exchange it..why should i be jealous of ur watch ? lol wtf
  • ZachEfy i already replaced the band. and sony watch is better than this. yes i bought it for less. Don't be jealous 😂
  • RejeeshGireesh haha i saw your watch when u bought it for 200dhs...the band is faded and its band is not available in market also
  • NabeelNoorudheen 850 last?
  • ZachEfy hahahha i will not give 100 also for this sony watch is better. this is very high price. have shame
  • RejeeshGireesh then buy that...this is in perfect condition...if u want exchange 400dhs + sony watch
  • ZachEfy I'll give 100 more
  • ZachEfy this watch price is high. one person selling for 500
  • ZachEfy sony watch 3 is around 500
  • ZachEfy u tell me
  • RejeeshGireesh how much cash
  • ZachEfy exchange with Sony watch 3 and cash
  • NabeelNoorudheen 850 last ?
  • NabeelNoorudheen 850 I will buy
  • NabeelNoorudheen How much last price
  • RejeeshGireesh up
  • RejeeshGireesh up
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705 AED, delivery included