Sony smartwatch sw1
NijasUmer NijasUmer
Posted 103 days ago

Sony smartwatch sw1

Brand-New Sony smartwatch sw1 For Android..Black strap + Free ladies strap #Available#BuyNow
  • Brand : Sony
  • Condition : NEW
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • NijasUmer Sony is expensive..!!
  • NijasUmer sorry.. please wait 4 days
  • Shoperificprincess what kind of seller are you.. i keep on asking u then after i bought u said no stock... i will report you to melltoo
  • NijasUmer with in 4 day new will come..can you please wait
  • NijasUmer sorry mam..stock finished
  • Shoperificprincess y did u cancel my order?
  • NijasUmer thank you
  • Shoperificprincess ok i bought it
  • NijasUmer yes you connect it with any Android device via.. Bluetooth..wth Sony app:smart connect you can check in play store..very easy to connect
  • NijasUmer with all accessories..
  • Shoperificprincess is this compatible with note 5
  • NijasUmer we only sell brand new
  • NijasUmer Brand new..
  • Shoperificprincess no scratches??
  • NijasUmer it's 100% original
  • NijasUmer sorry it's already packed I can't take more pics
  • NijasUmer first and last 2 Pi's are taken by me
  • Shoperificprincess i need more picture of it. i want to see
  • Shoperificprincess i will buy it. i pm u
  • NijasUmer it is original
  • NijasUmer it is original sony
  • NijasUmer yesterday only I made it 250 before it was 295..dear
  • NijasUmer brand new..
  • rainbowsshopie will buy if u can make it 200
  • rainbowsshopie new??
  • NijasUmer 250..
  • NijasUmer 250
  • NijasUmer 250/
  • rainbowsshopie ur last price??
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248 AED, delivery included