25 March 2020

Melltoo fights COVID-19

Dear Mellsters,

We live in extraordinary times. Never has it been this important for us to come together as human beings to overcome the challenges that COVID-19 has brought us. It is our mission at Melltoo to help you buy and sell safely and securely. For us, this has alway meant “no-meetups”. And in these trying times, it is all the more important for us to support you, our customers, to continue buying and selling, as we know that many of you depend on us to keep your businesses going or for extra income.

So over the past several weeks, this is what we’ve been doing to keep you and our team safe. 

Work from home

Our no-meetups policy has always extended to most of our team as well. Our tech, customer support, logistics, and management team have always worked remotely, many from home.

Social distancing at work

Our fulfillment center and last mile teams continue to work at our warehouses and offices. Everyone wears masks and maintains a distance of 3 meters from one another at all times. 

Handling packages

Each package received is wiped down with sanitizer by each person who comes into contact with it. This means that every package is wiped down multiple times. In addition, hourly hand washing is mandated.

Delivering packages

You may have already seen our masked drivers in recent times. Drivers are equipped with masks and hand sanitizer and will sanitize their hands each time they enter their cars. They will also wipe down every package they handle when receiving it for the first time. Our drivers have been instructed to maintain a minimum of 3 meters distance from all people at all times. 

Power Sellers

The items we have for wholesale have been in the country for at least 120 days prior to us putting them up for sale. We assure you that the items have not shipped from China or other COVID-19 hotspots within the last 120 days. Everything arrived prior to the onset of COVID-19 in December 2019. 

What you can do

Sellers: Be sure to wipe down your packages while packing them. And you are encouraged to leave the items outside right before the driver arrives (he will call you in advance). Please make sure your order ID is written on the package. 

Buyers: If possible, place any cash on delivery amounts in an envelope or wrap with any piece of paper ahead of time. COVID-19 cannot survive for long on paper and cardboard. Wipe down packages you receive and wash your hands directly after. Our drivers will keep a safe distance away when interacting with you, please don’t mind. 

Our priority at Melltoo is to protect our customers and our team, without whom the company ceases to exist. We thank you for your kind attention and continued support.

Morrad Irsane