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Posted 517 days ago

HTC Pressure Cooker

HTC Pressure cooker brand new never been used.Details are on the box and photos.Delivery included.No silly bargains.Happy Holidays.
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Miyaw Malabanan thank u so much hope u enjoy d item...
  • PaRul_Ghalot done
  • Miyaw Malabanan plase buy it now coz im leaving for 2weeks so i can prepare the shipping
  • Miyaw Malabanan its okay now theres buy it now button
  • Miyaw Malabanan pls try fewminutes
  • Miyaw Malabanan ok
  • zayar applications is up to date. I think you need to refresh your post. I can't buy. long time posting. maybe they remove. try to refresh your post.
  • Miyaw Malabanan pls update your applications,maybe
  • Miyaw Malabanan why? use wifi ..or contact customer service pls tnx
  • zayar I want to buy
  • zayar buy button is not working?
  • Merlinda yes
  • zayar Still available?
  • PaRul_Ghalot do aed 60 I will buy it
  • Miyaw Malabanan thats d least i can do final price melltoo and delivery 20dhs already..
  • Miyaw Malabanan yes availble
  • Illahi Dar Still available
  • Miyaw Malabanan sorry no thanks
  • PaRul_Ghalot make it Aed 50 ..i will buy
  • PaRul_Ghalot yes I am doing that one
  • Miyaw Malabanan i can give u the answer today trivia and u will get 20dhs absolutely free...😃
  • Miyaw Malabanan thats d last price sorry...but you can purchase this on 50%off if you are participating on trivia here
  • PaRul_Ghalot last price?
  • Miyaw Malabanan 🍛🍚🍲🍜
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68 AED, delivery included