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Posted 501 days ago

Nokia 3 with 10 months warranty

Nokia 3 with 10 months warranty.
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Dr.pransh It's working perfectly now
  • Dr.pransh Guys forgot to mention in advertisement that this mobile fell down in water and is repaired now. Buyer has cancelled this order so will upload advertise again. Pls buy who ever is interested
  • Muhammad Adil You have more?
  • Dr.pransh It was first come first bro..
  • Dr.pransh Better luck next time 😂
  • Meera what is fack I chat with you and buy some one please cancel this order please bro put new post I will buy please plese
  • Dr.pransh I need quick money so don't delay transaction
  • Dr.pransh Ok buy it
  • Meera make I will buy
  • Meera okay finish 440/-
  • Dr.pransh I can make 450 if u want
  • Meera tell last yr
  • Meera same mobile brand new available in 490
  • Dr.pransh This is good price
  • Meera okay make 420
  • Dr.pransh No madam 400 is not possible
  • Dr.pransh I have reduce price to 470, pls buy
  • Meera 400/_
  • Meera okay make 40p
  • Dr.pransh It's just 2 months old madam
  • Meera tell last price bcoz this is used so very expensive
  • Meera good
  • Dr.pransh Of course 100% original! Have you seen fake Nokia 😊
  • Meera hello
  • Meera is this original
  • Dr.pransh It must go today, ready to offer discount if any serious buyer
  • Dr.pransh No white
  • Muhammad Adil colour balck
  • Dr.pransh Carrefour warranty
  • Muhammad Adil axiom warranty
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440 AED, delivery included