Samsung Galaxy NOTE EDGE: Going cheap!!!

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Posted 720 days ago
The mobile has only been used for 1 month.... I am selling this mobile.... bought it from for 1530 around that price.... Includes accessories and charger... Selling for a good rate!! BUY now !!
  • Color : Black
  • Memory : 32 GB
  • Condition : Used, like new
  • Biju Bhai good morning do you want note edge cover scrccn gard
  • Ailaf Kapdi if you need any other information, just contact him rather than messaging there***
  • Ailaf Kapdi if you need any other information, just contact him rather than messaging there
  • Ailaf Kapdi so now u will get it on Sunday
  • Ailaf Kapdi the courier guy called you twice, u didn't pick up the call, it's your mistake
  • Ailaf Kapdi he told me that u guys had a talk for delivery on Sunday?
  • Sachal Ch ok now sunday
  • Sachal Ch ok know sunday
  • Ailaf Kapdi Yeah, the courier guy told me that he spoke to you about the delivery on Sunday.... didn't he ?
  • Sachal Ch im w8ing courier boy but today he not come...
  • Sachal Ch yes yesterday courier guy said me today your parsel give me but today not give me
  • Ailaf Kapdi bro talk to the Courier guy and you only ask them na...... how can I be responsible if the courier guy takes long to deliver
  • Ailaf Kapdi maan, the courier guy said me that he had a talk with you
  • Sachal Ch thanx again dear
  • Ailaf Kapdi I am calling them
  • Sachal Ch dear any problem in my parsel???
  • Sachal Ch today my parsel is not give me??
  • Ailaf Kapdi hii
  • Sachal Ch ?????
  • Sachal Ch heloo dear
  • Sachal Ch thanks dear
  • Ailaf Kapdi done....thanks
  • Ailaf Kapdi done....
  • Sachal Ch ok dear
  • Ailaf Kapdi I am calling them
  • Sachal Ch ok dear im w8ing
  • Ailaf Kapdi But no worries, I will contact them NOW
  • Ailaf Kapdi Yeah, I talked with them and they are saying today they will try or tumorrow
  • Ailaf Kapdi Yeah, I talked with them and they are saying today they will try or rumorrow
  • Sachal Ch now two week ago
  • Ailaf Kapdi I talked with them today
  • Sachal Ch mobile is not delivred to me
  • Sachal Ch dear where is my mobile
  • Ailaf Kapdi hii
  • Sachal Ch heloo dear
  • Sachal Ch ok
  • Ailaf Kapdi possibly by today they shall deliver
  • Sachal Ch ok thanx im w8ing dear
  • Ailaf Kapdi Yeah I did contact.... they said they will deliver today or TUMORROW
  • Sachal Ch you contact with melltoo office???
  • Sachal Ch heloo dear
  • Ailaf Kapdi thanks
  • Sachal Ch thnx dear im w8ing .....
  • Sachal Ch 2 or 3 time im calling dlivrey boy but no respons
  • Ailaf Kapdi Yeah, don't worry I will follow up with them in the morning
  • Sachal Ch but not come
  • Sachal Ch dlivrey boy call me last thursday
  • Ailaf Kapdi hm
  • Sachal Ch hmmm
  • Ailaf Kapdi they take time..... slow people 🤣
  • Sachal Ch ok thnx dear plz fast
  • Ailaf Kapdi Yeah, the courier picked it up from me a week back, they will deliver it to you... no worries.... I will call them and ask tunorrow
  • Sachal Ch im w8ing this mobile but his not dlivred me why???
  • Sachal Ch dear this mobile is not dlivred to me???
  • Ailaf Kapdi hii i am fine...
  • Sachal Ch heloo dear how r u
  • Mastanmahi Mastanamahi last how much
  • Ailaf Kapdi so I am accepting the order okay.... you will get the product through courier by 3 or 5 or 7 days depending on location....
  • Ailaf Kapdi great
  • Sachal Ch ok dear thanx
  • Ailaf Kapdi don't worry not cancelling it.... incase if you have any more questions u can call me on 0501219247
  • Sachal Ch i want this order no cancle
  • Sachal Ch dear i need this
  • Ailaf Kapdi I won't cancel my friend no worries
  • Ailaf Kapdi you're sure?? 100%
  • Sachal Ch no cancle this order i need this
  • Sachal Ch i want dear no cancle
  • Ailaf Kapdi so u want the phone or u don't want it.....? Bcoz the charger is different....i don't mind even if you cancel the order bcoz my dad's customer is taking it for 1100.... so u want this or u want to cancel the order....
  • Sachal Ch ok dear thanx
  • Ailaf Kapdi pen is there for sure....but the charger and heaphones are normal quality....
  • Sachal Ch mobile have orignal box handset charger or pen???
  • Sachal Ch ok dear
  • Ailaf Kapdi the delivery timing depends on the courier.... if i accept the order today then the order will be delivered between 3 to 7 days....usually takes 5 days
  • Sachal Ch how many days this mobile dlivred me???
  • Sachal Ch dear handfree charger and pen is available??
  • Sachal Ch ok dear thanx
  • Ailaf Kapdi the mobile will be delivered through courier
  • Ailaf Kapdi perfect.... I am sure you'll enjoy this product.... it has got apps on sides....and I would say it's differnt from s6 edge +
  • Sachal Ch you dlivred me this mobile
  • Sachal Ch no problem dear
  • Ailaf Kapdi Yeah I will accept at by 10 to 12.... then no problem
  • Sachal Ch you accep dear today
  • Sachal Ch no ok ok you accept dear
  • Ailaf Kapdi no I need to accept it today or else dad has got the customer for 1100 through facebook and he will sell it there....and you'll miss it that's why...
  • Sachal Ch 7 date is ok
  • Sachal Ch dear accept 7 ok no problem
  • Ailaf Kapdi so I will accept the order at 10 or 12 okay.....
  • Ailaf Kapdi Okay done....
  • Sachal Ch friday ok thanx dear
  • Ailaf Kapdi location of delivery ? is it Dubai
  • Sachal Ch ok dear thanx
  • Ailaf Kapdi so I will accept it later okay.... so possibly u will get on a Friday.... what's your location of delivery ?
  • Sachal Ch ok dear thanx
  • Ailaf Kapdi price updated.... Click buy it now
  • Ailaf Kapdi I will update the price to 850 and u buy the phone..... I will accept it later some time.... so that u get it accordingly on a Friday....
  • Sachal Ch whats u have idea dear???
  • Ailaf Kapdi So u can buy now....
  • Sachal Ch whatss u have idea
  • Sachal Ch ok dear 850 is done and thanx dear
  • Sachal Ch ok dear thanx
  • Ailaf Kapdi u want next Friday right ? I have an idea
  • Ailaf Kapdi u want next Friday right ?
  • Ailaf Kapdi it's up to the Courier guy..possibly by 5 to 7 days the delivery will be done
  • Sachal Ch how many days he dlivred??
  • Ailaf Kapdi Yeah .... u need to purchase this ASAP bcoz it's my mind.... you don't know when i make up my mind I don't really listen to anyone.... that it's better if you buy now at 850...
  • Sachal Ch now dear
  • Sachal Ch now dear
  • Sachal Ch if you have any problem ???
  • Ailaf Kapdi Mate.... u can buy this now.... later I will increase the price .....
  • Sachal Ch ok dear i need this next friday
  • Ailaf Kapdi Okay fine... come take it....
  • Sachal Ch now 850 is ok???
  • Ailaf Kapdi done.... I had a talk with my dad.... he said okay give it for 852... dhs
  • Sachal Ch now 850 is last now no more its ok
  • Sachal Ch dear ???
  • Sachal Ch no more its last
  • Sachal Ch its last
  • Sachal Ch ok dear now my last price is 850
  • Ailaf Kapdi sorry no mate.... not on this phone.....1530 is my buying rate..... used for a month.... how can I reduce it to 800... sorry mate.... 900 if you buy NOW!! 915 if you buy later.....
  • Sachal Ch dear 800 is last plz no more plz
  • Ailaf Kapdi sorry no my friend.... not on this phone.....915 is last...or 900 dhs if u buy just NOW...
  • Sachal Ch 800 is last dear
  • Sachal Ch ok dear i give u last 800 no more
  • Ailaf Kapdi sorry Mate..... that's not done.... plz check on, the price is still 1500 and above which means there's demand and the prices are not fallen yet.... so 915 is the last price....which is less than your budget (1550)....... 915 last price
  • Sachal Ch but dear i give u last price 750
  • Ailaf Kapdi my friend.... I can give u for 915...
  • Sachal Ch dear how much last price??
  • Ailaf Kapdi so would u like to buy ??
  • Sachal Ch ok dear
  • Ailaf Kapdi it's 100% original.... no doubt on that my friend....
  • Ailaf Kapdi Yeah 100% it's original.... I bought it for 1500... seven months ago.... opened in Jan 1 as a new year event.... and now I want to sell it....
  • Sachal Ch its orignal samsung???
  • Sachal Ch yes
  • Ailaf Kapdi so you're interested in this right ?
  • Sachal Ch no dear thanks
  • Ailaf Kapdi bro I am having a Lamborghini mobile as well.... check that if u want .....
  • Sachal Ch dear batery how much (mah)???
  • Ailaf Kapdi But this is Note Edge, this mobile is still in demand my friend.... s6 edge plus there's no stock
  • Sachal Ch yes
  • Ailaf Kapdi using that only now..!!!
  • Ailaf Kapdi even i have that mate:
  • Sachal Ch i have already s6 edgeplus
  • Sachal Ch yes dear
  • Ailaf Kapdi do u know the one with the curve edge on the right side
  • Ailaf Kapdi this is note edge... only note edge....
  • Sachal Ch which model this note edge??
  • Sachal Ch hi dear
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