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K-Pads With Negative Ion Organic

🌷 GOODBYE DYSMENORRHEA: K-PADS ALL NATURAL NAPKIN WITH ACTIVE OXYGEN & NEGATIVE IONS 🌷 ✅ FEAR NO MORE, beacuse there is an all natural napkin AVAILABLE NOW that doesn’t only zap dysmenorrhea but improves the overall reproductive system! ✔️Proven & Tested by Many 💯% Safe & made without harmful chemicals. ➡️Kpads is the first ANTI-dysmenorrhea napkin which has the ANION capabilities with super boost 8 layered pad that can absorb liquid upto 150ml. 📍The Negative ion strips prevents & can cure: ✔️IRREGULAR PERIOD ✔️MYOMA ✔️DYSMINORRHEA ✔️FOUL ODOR ✔️UTI ✔️HORMONAL IMBALANCE ✔️INFLAMMATION ✔️HEMORRHOIDS ✔️CERVICAL CANCER ✔️BACTERIAL INFECTION 📌 I am personally recommend it to you kasi kahit ako gumagamit din nito. ✅ This K-PADS Stops Dysmenorrhea. Meron sya negative ion to increase energy, enhance immunity, regulate, lessen heavy periods, balance hormones, improve your mood and kill bacteria causing odor. 📍Available in 1) Day Pads (10 pads) = Regular days 2) Night Pads (8 pads) = Heavy period 3) Panty Liner (30 pads)= Everyday used ✔️Each pack includes free self test kit(same sa pap smear).
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