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Posted 391 days ago

Germot Helmet

Brand new Black Germot Ladies helmet.
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Kareem Sheilh id like to offer 80 aed for this item
  • Kareem Sheilh am in ajman ..
  • abdelrahman kharma Ok thanks for your interest. Let me know if you want to arrange to collect.
  • Kareem Sheilh new how much can u send me link?
  • Kareem Sheilh delivery charge only 20 not 40 bro for this anyway my offer is 80
  • abdelrahman kharma If you come directly to collect I can sell it to you for 80 dhs, however on the app I would only receive 60dh if I changed the price again.
  • Kareem Sheilh bro u didnt make 80 u made 114
  • abdelrahman kharma Changed the price
  • Kareem Sheilh change the price
  • Kareem Sheilh make it 80 and ill buy it.
  • abdelrahman kharma Yes
  • Kareem Sheilh can men wear iit?
  • Kareem Sheilh sorry just seen its for ladies
  • abdelrahman kharma Hi Kareem - are you interested in buying the helmet?
  • abdelrahman kharma 100 last price
  • Kareem Sheilh 90
  • abdelrahman kharma 150?
  • M Ayaz i buy only 60 dh shargah is too much and low price
  • M Ayaz yes but your price is more
  • Faridoon Khan 100
  • abdelrahman kharma Are you interested in the helmet?
  • abdelrahman kharma ?
  • Faridoon Khan 9o
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