mobi mobi mobi mobi
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  • mobi mobi already reduse the price bro this is last price its brand new check the price in shops
  • basit yusif can u reduce the price
  • mobi mobi no problem bro
  • Aravind Guttula I can't pay more then 210
  • mobi mobi bro this is last price
  • Aravind Guttula make 210 final bro
  • mobi mobi check the price in markit bro then you know whats it
  • Aravind Guttula bro it's not Bluetooth earphones wired earphones make 200
  • mobi mobi brother if i can i will give you but already reduced i cant do more
  • Aravind Guttula 200 final bro
  • mobi mobi give you
  • mobi mobi ok bro 230 last i will
  • Aravind Guttula 200 I will buy
  • Aravind Guttula make 200 I will buy now
  • mobi mobi already changed the price bro 250 last
  • Aravind Guttula boss final 200
  • mobi mobi check the markit price bro this is brand new sealed box
  • Aravind Guttula 180 last price
  • mobi mobi last 250 bro
  • Aravind Guttula 150aed
  • mobi mobi beats
  • Aravind Guttula which company
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