Nadeem Shahid Nadeem Shahid
Posted 188 days ago

New 18” Aster Bicycle

Kids bicycle for age (3-5 years)
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Nadeem Shahid Don’t worry they will refund it to you
  • Sonia Motwani it already deducted from my account
  • Sonia Motwani and its comes to my purchase item and also my credit goes to u
  • Sonia Motwani but there was not written sold so I was thinking to try n buy it
  • Nadeem Shahid I don’t have 18” available I told u earlier mam
  • Sonia Motwani I want this 18
  • Sonia Motwani this same available 16" same basket n ol
  • Nadeem Shahid Yes this model is available in red color in 16”
  • Sonia Motwani this red colour
  • Sonia Motwani 16" available
  • Sonia Motwani in which 18" available
  • Nadeem Shahid Not 18” but in 12” &16”
  • Nadeem Shahid Yes still available
  • Sonia Motwani Available
  • Nadeem Shahid Last price AED 175
  • AMIT GYAWALI How much last
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205 AED, delivery included