Fahima Anwar Fahima Anwar
Posted 125 days ago

Branded guitar

Well furnished guitar, with all strings attached and adjustable tuning. Lightweight and of the brand DRAGONFLY
  • Condition : Lightly Used
Delivery included, money back garantee
Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Lola Rose Is it still available?
  • 💜 Keekee Can you send photos of the back and head?
  • Fahima Anwar around 80-90 cm in length
  • zayan ali size??
  • Fahima Anwar no reduction
  • zayan ali 130
  • Fahima Anwar 18
  • sill kong how many frets?
  • Fahima Anwar @ehmcy alipala sorry final price
  • Fahima Anwar @sill kong yes it's available
  • ehmcy alipala 120
  • sill kong still available?
  • Fahima Anwar you're welcome
  • Imran Khan thanks
  • Fahima Anwar done
  • Imran Khan change
  • Fahima Anwar okay
  • Imran Khan 145
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