Hendrik P. Hendrik P.
Posted 20 days ago

Lounge Chair

Very sturdy camping lounge chair, foldable and very comfortable. Barely used.
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Usually delivers in 3-6 days
  • Janice villena ok i will buy now thanks
  • Hendrik P. thats fine, no none whatsover
  • Janice villena and no bedbugs?? sorry to ask
  • Hendrik P. 100% not broken its perfect condition
  • Janice villena can u tell me this is not broken right?
  • Hendrik P. .
  • Hendrik P. reduced but only if buy now
  • Hendrik P. still very good discount
  • Hendrik P. 60 last price
  • Janice villena give me discount. make it 55
  • Hendrik P. .
  • Hendrik P. holds weight up to 108 kg
  • Hendrik P. by hand yes, not detachable from the frame
  • Janice villena is this washable
  • Janice villena hi can u take picture of the underneath also and the legs
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54 AED, delivery included