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  • Consume responsibly
    Choose to be a responsible consumer by reselling your unwanted stuff. Help create a more sustainable future.
  • Make an impact on society
    Turn your valuables into cash and donate to improve the lives of people in need. Contribute to creating a better society.
  • Get recognized by peers
    Share your status to motivate others to join the movement. Be featured on the impacter leaderboard.

How does it work?

List your items for sale in a few easy taps. We'll find buyers, collect payment, pick up and deliver and get sales proceeds transferred to the charitable cause of your choice. You will receive impact credit prominently displayed in your profile to motivate others to join the movement.

How will I know if the proceeds from my cause were donated to the correct cause?

Melltoo will publish a quarterly report documenting the amounts that were donated and the names of donors/sellers who participated.

How is this different from just giving my stuff to a charity?

We work with local charitable causes and we encourage people to continue giving their stuff to charities. However, most causes need cash, not stuff, to function. For example, how should a charity pay for medicines with a used iPhone? Charities receive a lot of stuff and unfortunately, they don't have the resources and manpower to sort through the stuff they receive. As a result, they sell off everything in bulk, receiving very little from the true value of items donated. Resellers then sort through these items, keeping only what interests them and dumping the rest. Hence, Melltoo is an efficient way to maximize the value of your donation.

Can I donate only a portion of the proceeds from my sale?

Yes, at the time of listing your item, you can select what portion of sales proceeds will go to the beneficiary cause. The remaining amount will be credited to your account as cash balance that can be withdrawn.

  • "I really like what you do [Melltoo Impacter] as it promotes the 3 Rs: Reuse- Reduce- Recycle."
    -Tatiana Antonelli Abella
    Founder & Managing Director at Goumbook
  • "I love the Impacter Program! Awesome, so good to see a company so focused on doing good while being commercial at the same time."
    -Lucy Chow
    Board Director at Little Thinking Minds
  • "Great initiative love it... I have stuff I don't need but will not sell because it's only a few dirhams. Notworth the hassle. But doing it for charity, I will..."
    -Taher Alami
    Cofounder of Casapplanca

Some causes we support

  • Emirates Red Crescent
    Emirates Red Crescent
    Sponsorship of orphans in developing nations
  • Salma Aid
    Salma Aid
    Food relief for refugees and victims of natural disasters
  • Friends of Cancer Patients
    Friends of Cancer Patients
    Financial and moral support for cancer patients in the UAE
  • Special Needs
    Support local special needs schools

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