Declutter and donate your electronics for a cause. Your iPhone 5 can feed 50 refugees, your xBox 360 can feed 30.

We'll pick it up, sell it and transfer sale proceeds to the cause of your choice
For more info, contact us at [email protected]

Causes we support

  • Emirates Red Crescent
    Emirates Red Crescent
    Sponsorship of orphans in developing nations
  • Salma Aid
    Salma Aid
    Food relief for refugees and victims of natural disasters
  • Friends of Cancer Patients
    Friends of Cancer Patients
    Financial and moral support for cancer patients in the UAE

How does it work?

  • Get in touch
    We'll send a courier to collect your electronics, from mobile devices to TVs and more
  • We erase & reset
    All your data will be erased and electronic devices reset to factory settings
  • We sell & donate
    Your electronics will be sold and sale proceeds transferred to the cause you support

Are there any fees for this service?

There are no fees for this service. 100% of the sale proceeds are donated to the cause you have selected.

As a platform, Melltoo charges selling fees for every successful transaction. However, these are charged to the seller and do not affect amounts donated to charity.

How can I be sure that sale proceeds are donated to the right cause?

For each charitable organization that we have partnered with, we have obtained a license from the appropriate governmental agency overseeing the charitable organization. Request a copy of licenses here. In addition, we publish quarterly reports available to the general public on amounts donated. As an individual seller, you will receive an email report after 30 and 60 days detailing the amounts donated and to which cause.

What can I donate? Can I donate broken stuff?

We currently accept new and used electronics such as smartphones, tables, computers, laptops, printers, TVs, headphones, game consoles, games etc. Yes, we accept broken electronics as they are often bought for parts. Anything we cannot sell will be properly disposed of and recycled.

We do not accept clothing or furniture.

  • "I really like what you do [Melltoo Impacter] as it promotes the 3 Rs: Reuse- Reduce- Recycle."
    -Tatiana Antonelli Abella
    Founder & Managing Director at Goumbook
  • "I love the Impacter Program! Awesome, so good to see a company so focused on doing good while being commercial at the same time."
    -Lucy Chow
    Board Director at Little Thinking Minds
  • "Great initiative love it... I have stuff I don't need but will not sell because it's only a few dirhams. Notworth the hassle. But doing it for charity, I will..."
    -Taher Alami
    Cofounder of Casapplanca

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